Skincare 101 (1/5)

Tackle the toughest skincare issues and get healthy, young-looking skin by following these three easy steps.

Having practised together for more than 25 years, Drs. Madeleine and Suzanne Gagnon, dermatologist sisters in Laval, Que., know about every anti-aging treatment, from lasers and chemical peels to filler injections and Botox (they’ve been using the latter on each other for years and consider it one of the safest procedures).

The sisters also subscribe to some simple home beauty remedies, such as using silk pillowcases to prevent facial creases that sometimes develop during sleep. But when it comes to daily skin care, Madeleine, 55, and Suzanne, 59, believe in three daily habits (and they don’t involve derm-office procedures): practising year-round broad-spectrum sun protection; using quality products that can be bought at the drugstore; and following a consistent cleansing and moisturizing regimen. These three habits will go a long way to keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

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