6 Weird Beauty Tips (4/6)

If you're facing a beauty emergency and can't dash to the nearest cosmetic counter, don't panic. Help is at hand - in your own home. Here are six weird beauty tips to the rescue.

4. Raw Potato Can De-Puff Eyes

4. Raw Potato Can De-Puff Eyes

For a safe, natural way to deflate eye puffiness, try potatoes. The vegetable has a soothing effect on swollen skin tissues. Cut two slices from a freshly washed and peeled raw potato. Lie down, placing the slices on your eyes. Ten minutes later, remove the potato pieces and rinse the eye area with lukewarm water. “[Potatoes] are astringent, so they can help decrease water retention and therefore, puffy eyes,” says Dr. Jang. In addition to easing puffiness, potatoes have another trick. “Their liquid starch content [contains] an enzyme called catalase that can help lighten dark circles a little bit,” says Dr. Jang. “Sometimes you see it in the over-the-counter skin lightening products – appearing as an enzyme called catecholase.”

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