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  • How to Sound Like a Whisky Snob (Even if You’re Not)>>

    Can’t tell your blended whisky from your single malt? Don’t sweat it. With these facts under your belt, no one would guess you’re not a serious whisky connoisseur.>>

  • 8 Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday>>

    Once a year, we gather around the big screen, stuff our faces with delicious dips and wings and watch two teams duel: it's the Super Bowl. If you're having friends over for beers and munchies, here are 10 dishes to add to your menu.>>

  • 6 Beverages to Warm You Up This Winter>>

    Amid the falling temperatures and early sunsets, these comforting and festive beverages make intimate gatherings feel cozy and special. >>

  • 12 Tips on Cooking for a Crowd>>

    Preparing a meal for a large group can be overwhelming. This holiday season, minimize stress and enjoy time spent with your family and friends by following these simple guidelines.>>

  • 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes>>

    Don't let a vegetarian coming to dinner get you stressed about what to make. Here are 10 veggie-approved dishes for Thanksgiving.>>

  • 6 Thanksgiving Stuffings and Sides>>

    You know you want turkey, but what's best to serve beside it? Here are four fancy dressings for the holiday bird and a few dishes to please their plates.>>

  • Best Recipes for Your Bridal Shower>>

    It's wedding season, and with that comes bridal showers. Don't stress about which bites to serve at your shower because we've got 10 great recipes to help your party go off without a hitch.>>

  • 10 Foods Not to Order on a First Date>>

    Heading out to a romantic dinner? Do yourself and your date a favour and don’t order any of these mood-killer meals.>>

  • 9 Secrets to Hosting a Better Party>>

    Partying should help you blow off steam and enjoy life, but hosting can be a huge source of anxiety. Avoid getting cold feet before the next big get-together with these perfect party tips.>>

  • 7 New Canadian Beers for Football Season>>

    What better way to celebrate the Super Bowl  than by trying out Canada’s top new beers? Whether you’re strapping on cleats or prepping the man-cave for a weekend of football debauchery, we’ve got the latest and greatest beers you absolutely have to try.>>

  • Quiz: Name That Classic Candy!>>

    How well do you know your favourite candies? On Tumblr blog Scandybars, Willis Chen looks at popular sweets from the inside out. From this view, can you identify your chocolates?>>

  • 2012 Olympics Gold Medal Menu>>

    With the Olympics kicking off, we've got a menu of patriotic Canadian dishes and red-and-white favourites for your opening ceremony party. Enjoy these tasty recipes as Canada kicks off its quest for gold.>>

  • 11 Quick Tips for an Easy Dinner Party>>

    It's all in the food presentation: These simple finishing touches can transform basic dishes into something special.>>

  • Your Oscar Night Menu>>

    Celebrate the biggest awards show of the year with some of these party-perfect recipes.>>

  • 7 Tips to Organizing Your Kitchen>>

    The pantry: the commonly cluttered home to food that doesn't need fridge time, but isn't pretty enough for the fruit bowl. Here's how to take your cupboard into a leaner, meaner league this year.>>

  • Staff-Tested: 5 Kitchen Gadgets Under $75>>

    This Web Editor tried each and every one of these products to determine how useful they really are. Read on to find out how these affordable kitchen essentials can make your life in the kitchen simpler than ever.>>

  • 3 Fruity Iced Tea Recipes>>

    Planning the perfect patio party this summer? Add a deliciously refreshing drink to the mix and your party is going to be a guaranteed hit. Try one of these tasty recipes to wow your guests and cool them off.>>

  • How to Pack Your Picnic Cooler>>

    Follow these tips to keep your food cool and safe this summer.>>

  • 3 Summer Banana Recipes>>

    Look at this healthy fruit in a whole new light with these unique and tasty summertime recipes.>>

  • 4 Watermelon Cocktails>>

    Looking for a refreshing and fruity way to celebrate the summer? If you're planning a bachelorette party, girls' night or a cocktail party, you won't want to miss these delicious cocktail recipes.>>

  • Become a Wine Expert in 3 Easy Steps>>

    Always dreamed of becoming a wine connoisseur, or at least to look like you know what you're doing? Read on to learn more about what wine tasting is all about.>>

  • 3 Healthy Avocado Recipes>>

    Serve up a unique and tasty appetizer at your next dinner party for a snack that's loaded with flavour and healthy, to boot!>>

  • 4 Easter Dessert Recipes>>

    This Easter, give your family and friends a real treat with one of these simple yet decadent dessert recipes.>>

  • 3 Easter Dinner Recipes>>

    Surprise your guests this Easter with one of the mouth-watering dishes.>>

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