Fix Your Fats: Your Meal-by-Meal Plan (4/4)

Now that you’ve fixed the carbs and the proteins in your meals, it’s time to tackle the last—but not least important—macronutrient: fat.



Aside from giving you a moment to pause and relax in the middle of a busy day, having a snack serves an important purpose: It staves off hunger between meals and helps keep your blood sugar from spiral- ing downward—but only if you choose the right snacks. Choosing a snack with protein is job one. But snack time is also an opportunity to fit in some good fats.

One snack fits both bills nicely: nuts. In fact, if you plan to snack on a handful of nuts every day, your snack decision making is done. Almonds are a particularly good choice. If you prefer peanuts, buy them in the shell to keep your hands busy. And don’t forget about peanut butter; enjoy it on whole-wheat crackers or smeared on apple slices or celery sticks.

If you need a hit of sugar at snack time, enjoy nuts paired with a small amount of raisins or other dried fruit, such as dried apricots. Seeds are also a good choice, so think unsalted pumpkin or sun- flower seeds.

They’re not as portable, but avocado slices are another healthy option. And remember that if you choose a hard-cooked egg as your snack, you’ll get a healthy dose of protein along with about 2 grams of good fat.

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