5 Feared Foods That Aren’t That Bad (3/5)

Have you always thought of these foods as bad for your health? As it turns out, they may not be so bad for you after all. Find out which foods are safer than you may have thought.

3. Artificial Flavour

3. Artificial Flavour

Both natural and artificial flavors are actually made in laboratories. But natural flavorings are isolated from a natural source, whereas artificial flavorings are not. However, natural flavors are not necessarily healthier than artificial. According to Scientific American, the natural flavor of coconut is not from an actual coconut, as one might expect, but from the bark of a tree in Malaysia. The process of extracting the bark kills the tree and drives up the price of the product when an artificial flavoring could be made more cheaply and more safely in a laboratory. That natural strawberry flavor you love? It could be made from a “natural” bacterial protein. Mmmm!

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