3 Foods to Prevent Gum Disease (1/3)

Gum disease can eventually infect or even destroy your teeth and it can also boost your risk for heart disease by 15 per cent. Fortunately, there are plenty of nutrients you can turn to for prevention. Read on to find out which foods can help prevent gum disease.

Foods That Can Help Prevent Gum Disease: Lean BeefPhoto: ShutterStock

Foods That Can Help Prevent Gum Disease: Lean Beef

We’re not advising you to gobble down whole sides of beef; after all, animal fat is bad for your heart. But oysters, beef and lamb are high in zinc, a mineral with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunity-boosting powers that can battle gum disease. Vitamin B6, plentiful in beef, as well as seafood, also fights gum disease.

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