22 Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining

A perk of modern living is having so many restaurants to choose from, but with choice comes confusion. To help, here are tips from our new book Stealth Health for sensible eating at some of the most popular types of restaurants.

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- Split and share. One order of pasta is usually enough for two people, especially if you also have a salad.
- Pick tomato­based sauces—marinara, bolognese, red clam or puttanesca. Avoid cream­based sauces—alfredo and primavera are two of the worst.
- Go with fagioli (beans).
- Steer clear of the following words on the menu: carbonara, saltimbocca, parmigiana, lasagna, manicotti, stuffed. All mean heavy amounts of cream and cheese. Another dangerous word: frito (fried). Instead, look for anything alla griglia, which means “grilled.”
- Order antipasto with extra chickpeas, olives, kidney beans, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables, and fewer cheeses and meats.

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