22 Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining

A perk of modern living is having so many restaurants to choose from, but with choice comes confusion. To help, here are tips from our new book Stealth Health for sensible eating at some of the most popular types of restaurants.

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- Order side dishes with vegetables, beans or peas, such as dal or chutney. 
- Look for the healthy dishes: chicken masala, shrimp bhuna, fish vindaloo and tandoori options. Avoid dishes made with “ghee” (clarified butter) or “malai” (a thick cream). 
- Ask which kind of oil is used in cooking. Most often, it’s coconut—which is high in saturated fat. If that’s the case, ask if the chef can use canola oil instead. 
- Avoid dishes that contain coconut—as noted above, this food is a hidden source of fat and calories. 
- Leave the batter. Fish and chips is not a great choice, but if you really can’t resist, leave the batter and eat the fish inside. 
- Avoid pies or anything with pastry. Shepherd’s pie and casseroles are much better choices.

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