22 Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining

A perk of modern living is having so many restaurants to choose from, but with choice comes confusion. To help, here are tips from our new book Stealth Health for sensible eating at some of the most popular types of restaurants.

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- Order fewer dishes than there are people at the table. Chinese starters are usually designed for sharing, not just for one person.
- Avoid fried starters—so no spring rolls.
- Opt for steamed rice, not fried. If the restaurant serves brown rice, go for it.
- Choose dishes rich in vegetables, and order at least one vegetarian starter.
- Always ask for the sauce on the side. Chinese restaurant chefs often stir­fry the main ingredients, mix them together, then ladle on the sauce. So with the sauce on the side, you’ll be guaranteed to use far less.
- Eat with chop­sticks: You’ll get less of the often high­-calorie, high­-salt sauce.

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