Great Canadian Burgers: 5 Top Chef Recipes (1/5)

Fire up the barbecue and prepare for a taste explosion, because we've found five gourmet great Canadian burgers from across the country that are sure to put your backyard grill on the map.

Great Canadian Burgers: Deux Chevaux Burger

Great Canadian Burgers: Deux Chevaux Burger

This is one of the only great Canadian burgers we picked that is made from beef. At Jay Souilliere’s Windsor restaurant, Motor Burger, all the burgers are named after cars. His most popular is the Deux Chevaux-a nod to the iconic Citroën 2CV’s two-horsepower engine and to the chef’s French-Canadian heritage. Souilliere serves these Canadian beef patties in brioche buns on a mound of baby spinach with Kozlik’s Daily Dijon mustard, melted Gruyère, red onions caramelized in Maudite beer and strips of smoked bacon on top.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to preparing the Deux Chevaux Burger

(Photos: Photographer: Hans Laurendeau/Shootstudio; Food Stylist: Blake Mackay; Photography Assistant: Charles-Antoine Auger)

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