Canada’s 8 Greatest Burger Restaurants (3/9)

Extra greasy or über healthy, creative gourmet with scads of cool toppings, or just a plain classic cheeseburger… the sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities between the buns. Grab some fries, don't forget the ketchup and bring extra napkins for Canada’s best hamburger restaurants.

Webers, Orillia, Ontario

Webers, Orillia, Ontario

Opened in 1963, Webers is such a well-established Ontario burger institution that it was featured in Molson’s “I am Canadian” television commercial. And though it is somewhat off the beaten track on Highway 11, they added their own pedestrian bridge to help folks cross the road safely to get there. Line-ups are a given, but the fare is well worth the wait, as is the experience of watching the “key man” at work expertly flipping up to 800 charcoal grilled burgers an hour as he has been doing for over 49 years! Their patties are also for sale through Loblaws.

(Photo: Webers Burgers)

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