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June-2011-rd-coverCheck out these bonus online features, as mentioned in the June 2011 edition of Reader's Digest.

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Pick up your copy of the magazine available from newsstands beginning May 16, and enjoy these magazine-exclusive features:
Under the Skin: Nearly everything about Lyme disease in Canada is contested. Frustrated and confused, sufferers just want the nightmare to be over.


Leave No Man Behind: A father is faced with a difficult choice: help his six-year-old son swim in rough waters, or save a drowning couple.


Master of Disaster:Every year, the coastal town of Bella Coola, B.C., is threatened by a variety of natural disasters. Meet the man to whom residents owe their lives.


Get Smart: You may be in good physical shape, but are you flexing your mental muscle? Seven ways to keep your mind strong.


Seoul Searching: In South Korea’s Buddhist temples, a busy writer rushes to find nirvana in less than a week.


 The Air Strip: An outraged writer gets shirty over airport body scanners.


The Seahorse Race: The wonderful strangeness of seahorses, and a Montreal researcher’s efforts to save them.


Low-Tide Run: Take a jog along the ocean floor at Five Islands, N.S.


"I Just Never Thought It Would Be Like This": A new mother reflects on her awkward first weeks with baby.


No Other Word for Father: Not all dads-to-be are reluctant buffoons.


BOOK CHOICE - The Summer of Love and Hate: All writers start somewhere. For Mordecai Richler it was the salty, sexy days of early 1950s Europe. Notes on the birth of a Canadian icon.

Exclusively Online

 5 Meaty Burger Recipes
Toss out your boring old burger recipe and try one of these unique, mouth-watering BBQ burgers for a meal that packs a punch!

7 Fascinating Dance Destinations
It’s a global dance party! Travel the world with us and check out some awesome cultural dances including the Texas two-step, fire dancing in India, and the sultry Argentine tango.

9 Cheap and Easy Gardening Fixes
Green thumbs rejoice! Gardening season is back. Keep your perennials looking their best with our simple tips.

Car Safety Tips for Dogs
Taking a road trip with your pooch? Find out how to make it a smooth and secure ride for Fido.

7 Fitness Secrets from a Celebrity Trainer
Get the inside scoop on Hollywood’s ultimate fitness tips and get in the best shape of your life this summer.

RD Living

RDHealth, p. 168
Food Labels Deciphered

Clueless when it comes to reading food labels? Decipher their meaning with our nine helpful hints.

6 Foods to Relieve Arthritis Pain
Pineapple? Check. Green Tea? Check. Find out what foods have been proven to help relieve arthritis pain—and then add them to your grocery list!

Freshen Your Feet
Summer's here—time to put your best feet forward! Freshen up those tootsies with these helpful tips.

RDSports, p. 174
Want to see Parkour in action? Watch videos of people participating in this worldwide phenomenon.

 RDGreen, p. 176
Eco-Friendly Getaways
Travel green! Find out about eco-friendly escapades across Canada that are fun for the whole family.

RDWork, p. 178
How to Stop Unhealthy Office Snacking
Get nine tips to stop unhealthy snacking at the office.

RDPets, p. 180
Dog Park Finder
Looking for a place to walk your dog off-leash? Use our interactive map of pooch parks across Canada.

 RDShow, p. 182
Fun Facts about Arcade Fire
Get a backstage look of Arcade Fire at the Grammys after winning Album of the Year.


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Bird Sanctuaries in Canada
Want to help Canada's wild birds? Get a listing of bird sanctuaries that you can support. 

Join the Debate
Is sitting down for a meal together a huge production in your family, or is it a non-negotiable ritual? Tell us if you love ‘em, miss ‘em or could do without ‘em. 

Organic Pest Control
Bugger off! Send plant-eating critters packing with these organic, homemade solutions. 

Videos: William Shatner
Check out a collection of hilarious commercials featuring Shatner.

 Under the Skin
Share this feature story with your friends and make comments. 

8 Most Pristine Places on Earth
Untouched scenic wonders! Discover eight of the most pristine places on the planet including the Antarctic, Australia’s Daintree Rainforest, the Galapagos Islands, and more.

Top 10 Magnificent Temples in the World
Journey to other destinations around the world—including Japan, Cambodia and Thailand—to check out more magnificent temples. 

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