What's online from the Reader's Digest April 2013 issue

Check out these bonus online features, as mentioned in the April 2013 edition of Reader's Digest.

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Health: Discover five foods that are incredibly hard on your chompers.

Travel: Debating whether to hit the road? Check yourself against our list of 10 signs it's time to take a vacation. 

Canada's Most Interesting Towns: Expand your travel horizons - no passport required. Discover 10 exciting and offbeat Canadian travel destinations.

un & Games: Word Power: Did you know a bigger latte size doesn’t necessarily get you more caffeine? Discover 13 coffee-shop secrets.

: Get the delicious dessert recipes for Pink Pistachio Fudge Squares and
Decadent Chocolate-Beet Muffins.

Inside the April 2013 Edition

Pick up your copy of the magazine at newsstands and enjoy these in-depth magazine features:
  • Love Machine: The next generation of robots is poised to acquire the very thing that makes us human: empathy.
  • Mind the Trap: Five ways our instincts can fail us.
  • Cops & Hackers: Cybervigilantes and hackers argue that traditional law-enforcement methods are obsolete. How the digital age is forcing police to step up their game.
  • Building Stories: Drawn by a healthier economy, the latest surge of Irish immigrants is young, skilled and hoping to stay.
  • Shore Shots: An artist's take on our continent's coasts.
  • Luck: How a losing racehorse won a man's heart.

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