Trust Issues: Results of RD's 2013 Trust Poll

The results of our 5th annual trust poll are in. Who do you trust?

From Reader's Digest, May 2013

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The Best of The Best

Here are the most and least responsible, credible and all-right people, professions and institutions in the country as voted by you (or, more precisely, 2,020 of you). With help from our friends at Leger Marketing, we give you the somewhat bizarre but always revealing results of our annual trust poll.

*To conduct our Trust Poll we commissioned the independent research poll Leger Marketing to survey a representative sample of 2,020 Canadian adults. Respondents were presented with a list containing the names of 25 prominent Canadians and asked to rate each according to trustworthiness. They were then asked to select which personality they trusted the most, giving us our list of 20 most-trusted Canadians. The five names that roused the most suspicion among respondents are included in "The Worst of the Worst."   

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