Five Canadian Cartoonists to Watch (2/6)

In the August 2010 issue of Reader's Digest, Deena Waisberg profiled five of the funny-makers of tomorrow: Rod Filbrandt, Cathy Thorne, Angela Melick, J.J. McCullough and Kate Beaton. We've invited these talented cartoonists from across Canada to share more of their hilarious comics with us. Have a laugh at their takes on spiffy sneakers, long-term relationships and snow days.

Cathy Thorne, 43, Toronto

Cathy Thorne, 43, Toronto

“I don’t think a couple can go through any amount of time together without having an argument. You’re just so determined that you’re right.”

Why do people laugh at Thorne’s cartoons?

“They recognize how ridiculous they’re being.”

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