Every day is an event when living in Langley!
Langley, BC
Best Destination
That's Our Langley (TOL)
Submitted by: Maryalice Wood

Give me an L for Location; an A for Attitude; an N for Nature; a G for Green-space; an L for Liveability; an E for Energy; and a Y for Youth—and what do you have? LANGLEY—a growing, vibrant community that’s a super place to live, work, and play. We are where “City and Country Meet” showcased by a world-class Events Center which hosts everything from Concerts to Hockey to Shakespeare, while nearby, a horse-loving stronghold promotes equestrian excellence. We have parks, playing fields, parades, and pride. We have volunteers, valleys, vineyards, and vitality. We have history, historians, hooves, and heart. We have diversity, development, day-cares, and dreams. We have tourism, trails, trees, and trains (yes, we have trains!) We have artists, agriculture, achievers, and ambiance. Are you getting the picture? I could go on and on using every letter of the alphabet; but even then, I would only just be getting started in describing this unique municipality officially called “The Township of Langley” or TOL. Together with the City of Langley, we are called “The Langleys”, but to most of us, we just proudly say we live in LANGLEY! And how could I forget to mention our cuisine options? We have just about every ethnic choice available—from Thai, to Mexican, to Indian, to Chinese, to Peruvian, and so on. I have lived here for 33 years, and am amazed at the changes—improving the quality of life for us all. That’s Our Langley (TOL)! That’s MY Place!

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