Easter 2011-Lundie Family
Cranberry Portage, MB
Most Community Spirit
Give back-Raising funds in a small town
Submitted by: Robin Lundie

My father was diagnosed with cancer last year and had to go through chemotherapy and radiation. As his only daughter I became very involved with this process. We learned, we laughed and we cried. He needed to stay in a controlled environment to help him fight the disease meaning he could not stay with me and my family. We rented an apartment in Winnipeg where his fiance Bev stayed by his side. My Dad was very uncomfortable as he did not like city life. Having to quit work left him in a difficult position financially. Without his knowledge the community of Cranberry came together and held a fundraiser for him. My Dad returned home to recover. His sisters and brothers had Easter dinner planned as a homecoming welcome at my Auntie Deb`s. My Dad is curious and can feel when something is going on. He said `I know you did something for me," to my brother Blair. Blair`s wife Melissa gave him the eye and Blair said "yeah so... you don`t know what but" After all the chaos that was dinner with that many people my cousin Helene presented him with a huge card she made. I was tearing up already because we all gathered to watch so I can`t be sure but I think Debbie handed him the envelop, it might have been anyone because my vision was blurry sitting at my Dad's side. If you know my Dad you know that he is an honest man, he works hard and asks for nothing. As he was reading he immediately asked about people who signed the card. The envelop was full of cash. When he was told it was to help with expenses of not working and getting better his response was through tears "I am going to give it back... it is too much" His sister Debbie said "Bryan people gave you that to get better KEEP IT you will insult them" he responded " We need to do more of this, all you kids listen...when you see someone or hear of someone in need you give back, YOU remember when I was sick and how you felt. I am gonna give back, whenever there is a bingo or a 50-50 I am gonna give back , you give back"

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