Where time stands stil
Niagara on the Lake, ON
Most Artistic
Canada's Prettiest Little Town
Submitted by: Stephanie Penman

I think the best thing about Niagara on the Lake, “Canada’s Prettiest Little Town” is that we fall into all seven categories. With a festival for every fruit and season, a bed and breakfast on every corner and beauty at every turn this town is not one to be missed. Not only are the locals friendly, and proud to be a part of this beautiful town, but they are artists as well.

The small town screams artistic in every way. The streets are lined with flowers all carefully placed like artwork. The local talent with music is available at quaint restaurants to listen to nightly. The Shaw Festival boasts fabulous plays full of music and laughter. Queen Street has unique festivals, parades and craft shows showcasing local artists. Our majestic town hosts concerts, many of which our proud Canadian musical artists. We also have jamborees and battle re-enactments as we celebrate our War of 1812 Bi-Centennial. With world famous artists such as Trisha Romance and galleries galore we are lush with endless amazing talents.

I think the most special thing about our town is the wine. With a new winery opening every year the process of making wine is an art that will be forever constant and always adventurous.

What else can I say? I love my town! I love the people who visit it everyday, the people who have lived here for years and the richness in pride, beauty and artistry that I have the pleasure of enjoying each and every day. I just wish that everyone had the opportunity to wake up to such a pretty place that never seizes to amaze me. To be honest there will never be enough space on a page to tell you just how wonderful it really is, unless you are able to come and see it for yourself. ☺

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