10 Essential U.S. Road Trips Canadians Have To Take

There’s really no nation built for the open road quite like the U.S. With a massive network of highways—from big interstate four-laners to tiny, winding country roads—you’ve got a lot of choice in the land of our American cousins. Start your engines, pack some snacks and gear-up for the 10 essential road trips all Canadians have to take.

By Tim Johnson
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The Road to Hana, Hawaii

The most celebrated road in all of Hawaii, the famous Hana Highway isn’t just scenic or remarkable—although it is both of those things. Passing over 54 bridges and more than 600 hairpin turns, driving the length of it takes you to a whole different world, one that’s definitely a long way from your poolside cabana. From the shining sun of Maui’s beach heartland, the highway passes into the island’s rainforest, passing towering waterfalls and through forests of bamboo and even rainbow eucalyptus trees, skirting the Seven Sacred Pools en route to Hana, a town that’s proud of—and celebrated for—its remote location and hardy locals. Lush, green and rainy, it’s a Hawaii you’ve probably never seen.


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