About Us


Reader’s Digest is a leading global, multi-brand and multi-platform media and direct marketing company that educates, entertains and connects audiences around the world. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the inspiration, ideas and tools to simplify and enrich their lives.

The Reader's Digest Magazines Ltd. Canadian operations began its activities in 1947, more than sixty-five years ago, with the publication of Sélection, its French-language magazine. With time, the company has become a leading Canadian multi-brand media and marketing powerhouse that aims to educate, entertain and connect audiences across the country. It now publishes five magazines, including Reader's Digest and Sélection, Canada's most widely read magazines with more than 6 million readers per month. Reader’s Digest brands include the reader contributed magazine Our Canada and its companion More of Our Canada as well as a healthy lifestyle magazine for Canadian women, Best Health. Reader's Digest operates five branded websites (readersdigest.ca, selection.ca, ourcanada.ca, besthealthmag.ca and plaisirsante.ca).

Reader's Digest has always prided itself in the Canadian market as being the most influential Canadian magazine reaching nearly 1 in 6 Canadians, more than any other magazine in Canada.

The success of one of Canada's most recognizable and trusted brand names has been due in part to the highest integrity with which the company treats its customers and its quality products.  Reader’s Digest is a multi-platform content provider delivering the highest quality information to its customers, where, when and how they want it, via print and digital editions, online, e-newsletters, and other digital media.

An international company

Reader's Digest has a very strong global presence in 33 countries throughout the world. Reader’s Digest publishes 68 magazines, including 43 different editions of the Reader’s Digest magazine. It has a total global circulation of 14.4 million and reaches nearly 72 million readers worldwide. In all, Reader’s Digest has 52 branded Websites.


The Reader's Digest Canadian operation values and rewards creativity and innovation. By joining our team you will work in an environment that creates trusted products that educate, entertain and connect audiences throughout Canada. To learn more about our career opportunities, please click here.


Digital media is at the heart of the Reader’s Digest. Its growing digital network reaches nearly 3 million Canadians each month, offering a vast array of timely and credible content as well as lively communities catering to their needs and aspirations.

The strength of Reader’s Digest’s content, brands and communities is the cornerstone of our digital strategy. Through our websites, newsletters and other platforms, Canadians find the same values and standards of quality which have fostered the reputation of the company and which make its digital media a key destination.

Veritable extensions of the experience readers have with their books and magazines, along with the company’s flagship sites, Readersdigest.ca and Selection.ca, have reached levels of involvement and retention surpassing competitors through relevance, credibility and the quality of the interactive experience.  Through the years, Reader’s Digest has also developed an impressive network of websites such as Besthealthmag.ca, Ourcanada.ca, and plaisirssante.ca. These, in addition to our valuable partners, allow the company to continually increase its reach on the web.

Reader’s Digest, Our Canada and Best Health magazines are digitally available and embrace the use of new and upcoming technology, including Layar.com’s Augmented Reality app, allowing users to interact with print media on a deeper level.


Because Reader's Digest is widely recognized as a key reference for its high standards of quality in matters of editorial content, scrupulous ethics, rigorous research and strenuous vetting methods, we have set up a foundation to encourage and promote these standards.

The Reader's Digest Foundation of Canada offers financial support to education in journalism at the university-level as well as to national organizations directly involved in advancing fundamental journalistic principles.

The foundation also supports a matching donation program internally for its employees as well as a strong supporter of Centraide. Since 1978, the foundation has contributed more than $3 million in grants and matching donations.