Woman drinking water

How to Save Water in 9 Easy Steps

How much drinkable water is there in the world? What methods can you use to conserve water? These nine steps will help you reduce your water footprint.


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7 Health Benefits of Apples

Will an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Perhaps not, but there’s certainly a whack of research supporting the many health benefits of apples.

Canada spelled out in sparklers

10 Things You Can’t Say to a Canadian

Canadians have a reputation for being polite and easygoing, but that’s only because you’ve never said any of these 10 things in front of them. Here’s how to make any Canadian turn as red as a maple leaf.

moraine lake, banff national park

10 Places in Canada Every Canadian Needs to Visit

Canada is a land filled with fascinating places and amazing adventures. The only problem: Narrowing down your choice of destination! Here are 10 must-see spots for any Canadian determined to discover the true north strong and free.

Two Blue Mountain Pottery lion figures

Canadian Collectibles: Blue Mountain Pottery

When Blue Mountain Pottery went out of business, every piece became a collector’s item. Blue Mountain aficionado Mary Dunk shares her passion for this distinctive Canadian collectible.

Coffee grounds

5 Things To Do With Coffee Grounds

Don’t toss those coffee grounds in the compost just yet! Here are five clever ways to put coffee grounds to good use all around the house.